Togo: 1998

5V7A 1998 QSL Front

The 1998 team in Togo for 5V7A were:

5B4AGN Bob Henderson
G3AB Andy Chadwick
G3SXW Roger Western
G3VMW Steve Wilson
G4BWP Fred Handscombe
G4FAM Cris Henderson
GM3YTS Robert Ferguson
K5VT Vince Thompson
KC7V Mike Fulcher
KY7M Lee Finkel

Rigs: Seven TS930s, seven Alpha amplifiers.

Antennas: six yagis, five dipoles, two verticals, beverage.

Note from team: Our 7th entry in WW CW from West Africa netted 38m points from 14,700 contacts. Again this year our special thanks to Jeni Sayer for so much local helo; to Ralph/9G1RQ, for assistance in Accra; to K7WX/G3VMW for so much hard work producing our super Web-site.

The following article by Lee Finkel/KY7M appeared in CQ Contest Magazine (may be slow to load). Click on the top-right icon (arrow) for a full screen view.