Togo: 1996

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The 1996 team at 5V7A in Togo was:

G3SXW Roger Western
G4FAM Cris Henderson
GM3YTS Robert Ferguson
K5VT Vince Thompson
K7GE Jim Larsen
K7PN Paul Nyland
KC7V Mike Fulcher
N7BG Tony Rogozinski
AA7NO (later N7MB) Mike Bill
W6RGG Bob Vallio

Rigs: Three TS930s, three FT990s and six Alpha amplifiers.

Antennas: 6 beams (Force 12 and cushcraft), verticals, dipoles and beverages.

Note from team: Our sincere thanks to Ralph/9G1RQ and Didier/TU5EX for storing our equipment since last year and to Samir/9G1NS for much help. Also to the Sarawakawa Hotel who looked after us so well; the Togo PTT for help with the licences; Ian and Jani Sayer for enormous assistance and without them whom the project would not have succeeded; to Air Afrique for their good services and to KF7AY our Webmaster.

The logistics was ondeed challenging: ten people with six stations and so many antennas to move by road through TU (Ivory Coast) and 9G (Ghana) to 5V (Togo).