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Contesting in Africa: Multi-Multi on the Equator

 by Roger Western, G3SXW and the VooDoo Contest Group.

For home-bound Contesters and DX’ers alike, there is no thrill in amateur radio to match that of hearing your call come back from a new multiplier or a new country. But imagine the thrill of BEING the new multiplier or country for literally thousands of stations! For the great majority of us, this means participating in a DXpedition.

DXpeditions typically are complex operations, especially where the goal is to win a major contest. Long lists of details must be attended to, including licensing, visas, vaccinations as required, transportation, clothing, tools, accommodation, siting, not to mention organizing tons of radio equipment and antennas at the right place at the right time.

The British/American ‘VooDoo’ group has been particularly successful in this, year after year mounting highly complex operations from various West African countries to the delight of DX’ers and contesters world wide. Their operations have been keyed to the CQ World Wide DX contest, the unquestioned crown jewel of contesting.

‘Contesting in Africa’ is a fascinating new book detailing the VooDoo group’s experiences, edited and much of it written by renowned contester and DXpeditioner extraordinaire Roger Western, G3SXW, as well as additional chapters contributed by other Voodoo team members. The book also features many photographs.

This book provides an unusual and most fulfilling treat in simultaneously entertaining the armchair traveler with accounts of the challenges and adventures in getting to and operating from exotic sun burnt countries, and at the same time providing inspiration and an informal planning guide for your own adventure and DXpedition.

A straightforward account, well balanced, this 190 page book is a must read for Contesters and DX’ers.

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Up Two – Adventures of a DXpeditioner

by Roger Western, G3SXW (email author for copy).

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This book describes a life-time of travels to distant parts of the globe with my amateur radio station. It includes visits to 22 countries and islands over the past 30 years, telling

how the trip was put together and describing experiences along the way. The purpose of the visits was to make lots of contacts on the ham bands. The book will appeal to DXers and also to those who have an interest in exotic countries and cultures. Included are both technical details (equipment, antennas, propagation) and also personal anecdotes and contacts with local people. This is a blend of serious DXing and an exploration of foreign cultures. It describes how our wonderful hobby can cross cultural borders and lead to life-long friendships around the world.


DX Delights – Tales of Travels with my Radio

by Roger Western, G3SXW (email author for copy).DX Delights - front cover (G3SXW)

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And so to my latest offering. All of these anecdotes happened during travels with my radio but only a few of them are radio-related. Most of these 60+ stories are personal experiences, some amusing, some dramatic. They are written with no ham jargon so hopefully will also be enjoyed by non-hams.

Book Review by Don Field G3XTT