Mali: 2006

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The TZ5A team in 2006 was:

AA7A Ned Stearns
G3SXW Roger Western
G4BWP Fred Handscombe
G4IRN John Warburton
GM3YTS Robert Ferguson
K5VT Vince Thompson
KC7V Mike Fulcher
KY7M Lee Finkel

Rigs: Elecraft K2s and Alpha amplifiers: seven on-kilowatt stations.

Antennas: 5 beams, wires, verticals.

Claimed Score: 14,664 QSOs; 201 zones; 738 countries = 40.9m points.

Note from the  team: This was our 14th straight CQ WW CW contest from West Africa and the 2nd year from Mali. Many thanks to our very good friend Siré Diallo for arranging storage of our equipment and for so much local assistance. Next year we will move on to yet another country.

Picture gallery is below, followed by a presentation given by John/G4IRN at the RSGB HF Convention in October 2007.

The following presentation was given by John/G4IRN at the RSGB HF Convention in October 2007.Click on the arrow icon (top right) for a full page view.

The position of the Olympe Hotel is shown below on the Google map:

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