Liberia: 2011

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The Voodoo’s Liberian team for 2011 at EL2A:

AA7A Ned Stearns
G4BWP Fred Handscombe
KC7V Mike Fulcher
KY7M Lee Finkel
N7CW Bud Semon

Two Stations: using Moxon beams, verticals, wires (all carried with the team to Monrovia).

Claimed Score: 9,839 QSOs; 157 zones; 511 countries = 19.6m points.

Note from team: Beautiful sandy beaches are west-facing. With much assistance from Liberia Radio Amateur Association, especially Dickson/EL2DT, Richmond/EL2BG and the Thinkers Village Resort we coped with the difficulties: lost airline luggage, inadequate power, partial internet service. But, as always, we hugely enjoyed the experiences.