Ghana: 2000

QTH: Oyster Bay Hotel, Elmina, Ghana, West Africa.

Zone 35; Latitude: 5º 5′ North, Longitude 1º 23′ West.

9G5AA 2000 QSL Front

The millennium team in Ghana for 9G5AA were:

G3PJT Bob Whelan
G3SXW Roger Western
G4BWP Fred Handscombe
GM3YTS Robert Ferguson

Rigs: Four TS930s and Alpha amplifiers.

Antennas: Four beams, two verticals.

Claimed Score: 11,471 QSOs; 176 zones; 596 countries = 26.4m points.

Note from team: The team is very grateful for the assistance given so readily by the Ghana Amateur Radio Society (especially Ralph/9G1RQ), the National Communications Agency (especially Mr. Codjoe and Philip/9G1PB) and James and the entire staff at the Oyster Bay Hotel. Their friendship is cherished.