Benin: 1995

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QTH: Ctoonou, Benin, West Afria.

CQ Zone 35. Latitude 7º North Longitude 2º East.

 Operators on the 1995 team at TY5A in Benin were:

G3SXW Roger Western
GM3YTS Robert Ferguson
K5VT Vince Thompson
KC7V Mike Fulcher
N7BG Tony Rogozinski

Rigs: Four TS930s, one FT1000 and five Alpha amplifiers.

Antennas: A3S tribander, 3 ele 15m, TA33M, TH7, 2 ele 40m, 160m and 80m Force 12 verticals, 160m dipole, 2 beverages.

Claimed Score: 10,207 QSOs; 163 zones; 562 countries = 22m points.

This years’s operation was made possible by Peter, TY1PS. He met us at the road border, arranged transmitting licences, loaned us his house, his shack, his antennas, his car. We are extremely grateful for such magnificent hospitality. Also another big thank-you to our friends in Ghana, particularly Samir, 9G1NS and Ralph, 9G1RQ for their warm welcome, hospitality, customs clearance procedures, licence renewals and equipment storage. A big contest score comes only from team co-operation. These find folks were an important part of the effort. Thank-you to British Airways, US Air and Air Afrique for their co-operation in shipping all the gear. Also to KF7FAY for managing our World-Wide Web home page.